GNU ELPA Packages

ace-window0.9.0Quickly switch windows.
ack1.8interface to ack-like tools
ada-mode7.1.2major-mode for editing Ada sources
ada-ref-man2012.5Ada Reference Manual 2012
adaptive-wrap0.7Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
adjust-parens3.1Indent and dedent Lisp code, automatically adjust close parens
advice-patch0.1Use patches to advise the inside of functions
aggressive-indent1.8.3Minor mode to aggressively keep your code always indented
ahungry-theme1.10.0Ahungry color theme for Emacs. Make sure to (load-theme 'ahungry).
all1.0Edit all lines matching a given regexp
ampc0.2Asynchronous Music Player Controller
arbitools0.977Package for chess tournaments administration
ascii-art-to-unicode1.12a small artist adjunct
async1.9.3Asynchronous processing in Emacs
auctex12.2.2Integrated environment for *TeX*
aumix-mode7run the aumix program in a buffer
auto-correct1.1.4Remembers and automatically fixes past corrections
auto-overlays0.10.9Automatic regexp-delimited overlays
avy0.5.0Jump to arbitrary positions in visible text and select text quickly.
bbdb3.2core of BBDB
beacon1.3.3Highlight the cursor whenever the window scrolls
bluetooth0.1.2A Major mode for Bluetooth devices
bnf-mode0.4.4Major mode for editing BNF grammars.
brief5.87Brief Editor Emulator (Brief Mode)
buffer-expose0.4.3Visual buffer switching using a window grid
bug-hunter1.3.1Hunt down errors by bisecting elisp files
caps-lock1.0Caps-lock as a minor mode
captain1.0.3CAPiTalization is Automatic IN emacs
chess2.0.4Play chess in GNU Emacs
cl-generic0.3Forward cl-generic compatibility for Emacs<25
cl-lib0.6.1Forward cl-lib compatibility library for Emacs<24.3
cl-print1.0CL-style generic printing
clipboard-collector0.2Collect clipboard entries according to regex rules
cobol-mode1.0.0Mode for editing COBOL code
coffee-mode0.4.1.1Major mode for CoffeeScript files
compact-docstrings0.1Shrink blank lines in docstrings and doc comments
company0.9.12Modular text completion framework
company-ebdb1.1company-mode completion backend for EBDB in message-mode
company-math1.3Completion backends for unicode math symbols and latex tags
company-statistics0.2.3Sort candidates using completion history
context-coloring8.1.0Highlight by scope
crisp1.3.6CRiSP/Brief Emacs emulator
csv-mode1.12Major mode for editing comma/char separated values
cycle-quotes0.1Cycle between quote styles
darkroom0.3Remove visual distractions and focus on writing
dash2.12.0A modern list library for Emacs
dbus-codegen0.1Lisp code generation for D-Bus.
debbugs0.22SOAP library to access debbugs servers
delight1.5A dimmer switch for your lighter text
dict-tree0.14Dictionary data structure
diff-hl1.8.7Highlight uncommitted changes using VC
diffview1.0View diffs in side-by-side format
dired-du0.5.2Dired with recursive directory sizes
dired-git-info0.3.1Show git info in dired
disk-usage1.3.3Sort and browse disk usage listings
dismal1.5Dis Mode Ain't Lotus: Spreadsheet program Emacs
djvu1.1Edit and view Djvu files via djvused
docbook0.1Info-like viewer for DocBook
dts-mode0.1.0Major mode for Device Tree source files
easy-kill0.9.3kill & mark things easily
ebdb0.6.18Contact management package
ebdb-gnorb1.0.2Utilities for connecting EBDB to Gnorb
ebdb-i18n-chn1.3China-specific internationalization support for EBDB
ediprolog1.2Emacs Does Interactive Prolog
eev20200224Support for e-scripts (eepitch blocks, elisp hyperlinks, etc)
eglot1.6Client for Language Server Protocol (LSP) servers
el-search1.12.6.1Expression based interactive search for Emacs Lisp
eldoc1.0.0Show function arglist or variable docstring in echo area
eldoc-eval0.1Enable eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.
electric-spacing5.0Insert operators with surrounding spaces smartly
elisp-benchmarks1.5elisp benchmarks collection
enwc2.0The Emacs Network Client
epoch-view0.0.1Minor mode to visualize epoch timestamps
ergoemacs-mode5.16.10.12Emacs mode based on common modern interface and ergonomics.
excorporate0.8.3Exchange Web Services (EWS) integration
expand-region0.11.0Increase selected region by semantic units.
exwm0.24Emacs X Window Manager
f90-interface-browser1.1Parse and browse f90 interfaces
filladapt2.12.2Adaptive fill
flylisp0.2Color unbalanced parentheses and parentheses inconsistent with indentation
flymake1.0.8A universal on-the-fly syntax checker
fountain-mode2.7.3Major mode for screenwriting in Fountain markup
frame-tabs1.1show buffer tabs in side window
frog-menu0.2.11Quickly pick items from ad hoc menus
fsm0.2.1state machine library
ggtags0.8.13emacs frontend to GNU Global source code tagging system
gited0.6.0Operate on Git branches like dired
gle-mode1.1Major mode to edit Graphics Layout Engine files
gnome-c-style0.1minor mode for editing GNOME-style C source code
gnorb1.6.7Glue code between Gnus, Org, and BBDB
gnu-elpa1.1Advertize GNU ELPA packages
gnu-elpa-keyring-update2019.3Update Emacs's GPG keyring for GNU ELPA
gnugo3.1.0play GNU Go in a buffer
gnus-mock0.4.5Mock Gnus installation for testing
gpastel0.5.0Integrates GPaste with the kill-ring
greader0.1gnamù reader, a reader with espeak tts
guess-language0.0.1Robust automatic language detection
heap0.5Heap (a.k.a. priority queue) data structure
highlight-escape-sequences0.4Highlight escape sequences
hook-helpers1.1.1Anonymous, modifiable hook functions
html5-schema0.1Add HTML5 schemas for use by nXML
hydra0.14.0Make bindings that stick around.
hyperbole7.0.6GNU Hyperbole: The Everyday Hypertextual Information Manager
ioccur2.4Incremental occur
iterators0.1.1Functions for working with iterators
ivy0.13.0Incremental Vertical completYon
ivy-explorer0.3.2Dynamic file browsing grid using ivy
javaimp0.7.1Add and reorder Java import statements in Maven/Gradle projects
jgraph-mode1.1Major mode for Jgraph files
js2-mode20190219Improved JavaScript editing mode
json-mode0.1Major mode for editing JSON files
jsonrpc1.0.11JSON-RPC library
jumpc3.0jump to previous insertion points
kmb0.1Kill buffers matching a regexp w/o confirmation
landmark1.0Neural-network robot that learns landmarks
let-alist1.0.6Easily let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names
lex1.1Lexical analyser construction
lmc1.4Little Man Computer in Elisp
load-dir0.0.5Load all Emacs Lisp files in a given directory
load-relative1.3.1Relative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package)
loc-changes1.2keep track of positions even after buffer changes
loccur1.2.4Perform an occur-like folding in current buffer
map2.1Map manipulation functions
markchars0.2.1Mark chars fitting certain characteristics
math-symbol-lists1.2.1Lists of Unicode math symbols and latex commands
memory-usage0.2Analyze the memory usage of Emacs in various ways
metar0.3Retrieve and decode METAR weather information
midi-kbd0.2Create keyboard events from Midi input
mines1.6Minesweeper game
minibuffer-line0.1Display status info in the minibuffer window
minimap1.3Sidebar showing a "mini-map" of a buffer
mmm-mode0.5.8Allow Multiple Major Modes in a buffer
modus-operandi-theme0.8.1Accessible light theme (WCAG AAA)
modus-vivendi-theme0.8.1Accessible dark theme (WCAG AAA)
multishell1.1.5Easily use multiple shell buffers, local and remote
muse3.20.2Authoring and publishing tool for Emacs
myers0.1Random-access singly-linked lists
nadvice0.3Forward compatibility for Emacs-24.4's nadvice
nameless1.0.2Hide package namespace in your emacs-lisp code
names20151201.0Namespaces for emacs-lisp. Avoid name clobbering without hiding symbols.
nhexl-mode1.5Minor mode to edit files via hex-dump format
nlinum1.9Show line numbers in the margin
notes-mode1.30Indexing system for on-line note-taking
ntlm2.1.0NTLM (NT LanManager) authentication support
num3-mode1.3highlight groups of digits in long numbers
oauth20.13OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol
objed0.8.3Navigate and edit text objects.
olivetti1.7.1Minor mode for a nice writing environment
omn-mode1.2Support for OWL Manchester Notation
on-screen1.3.3guide your eyes while scrolling
org9.3.6Outline-based notes management and organizer
org-edna1.1.1Extensible Dependencies 'N' Actions
orgalist1.12Manage Org-like lists in non-Org buffers
osc0.2Open Sound Control protocol library
other-frame-window1.0.6Minor mode to enable global prefix keys for other frame/window buffer placement
pabbrev4.2.1Predictive abbreviation expansion
paced1.1.3Predictive Abbreviation Completion and Expansion using Dictionaries
parsec0.1.3Parser combinator library
path-iterator1.0An iterator for traversing a directory path.
peg1.0Parsing Expression Grammars in Emacs Lisp
persist0.4Persist Variables between Emacs Sessions
phps-mode0.3.51Major mode for PHP with Semantic integration
pinentry0.1GnuPG Pinentry server implementation
poker0.2Texas hold 'em poker
posframe0.7.0Pop a posframe (just a frame) at point
project0.3.0Operations on the current project
psgml1.3.4SGML-editing mode with parsing support
python0.26.1Python's flying circus support for Emacs
quarter-plane0.1Minor mode for quarter-plane style editing
queue0.2Queue data structure
rainbow-mode1.0.4Colorize color names in buffers
rbit0.1Red-black persistent interval trees
rcirc-color0.4.1color nicks
rcirc-menu1.1A menu of all your rcirc connections
realgud1.5.1A modular front-end for interacting with external debuggers
realgud-ipdb1.0.0Realgud front-end to ipdb
realgud-jdb1.0.0Realgud front-end to Java's jdb debugger"
realgud-lldb1.0.2Realgud front-end to lldb
realgud-node-debug1.0.0Realgud front-end to older "node debug"
realgud-node-inspect1.0.0Realgud front-end to newer "node inspect"
realgud-trepan-ni1.0.1Realgud front-end to trepan-ni
register-list0.1Interactively list/edit registers
relint1.17Elisp regexp mistake finder
rich-minority1.0.1Clean-up and Beautify the list of minor-modes.
rnc-mode0.2Emacs mode to edit Relax-NG Compact files
rudel0.3.1A collaborative editing framework for Emacs
scanner0.1Scan documents and images
scroll-restore1.0restore original position after scrolling
sed-mode1.0Major mode to edit sed scripts
seq2.20Sequence manipulation functions
shelisp0.9.1execute elisp in shell
shen-mode0.1A major mode for editing shen source code
sisu-mode7.1.8Major mode for SiSU markup text
sm-c-mode1.0C major mode based on SMIE
smalltalk-mode3.2.92Major mode for the GNU Smalltalk programming language
smart-yank0.1.1A different approach of yank pointer handling
sml-mode6.10Major mode for editing (Standard) ML
soap-client3.1.5Access SOAP web services
sokoban1.4.8Implementation of Sokoban for Emacs.
sotlisp1.6.2Write lisp at the speed of thought.
spinner1.7.3Add spinners and progress-bars to the mode-line for ongoing operations
sql-indent1.5Support for indenting code in SQL files.
ssh-deploy3.1.11Deployment via Tramp, global or per directory.
stream2.2.5Implementation of streams
svg1.0SVG image creation functions
svg-clock1.1Analog clock using Scalable Vector Graphics
system-packages1.0.11functions to manage system packages
tNFA0.1.1Tagged non-deterministic finite-state automata
temp-buffer-browse1.5temp buffer browse mode
test-simple1.3.0Simple Unit Test Framework for Emacs Lisp
timerfunctions1.4.2Enhanced versions of some timer.el functions
tiny0.2.1Quickly generate linear ranges in Emacs
tramp2.4.3.4Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol
tramp-theme0.2Custom theme for remote buffers
transcribe1.5.2Package for audio transcriptions
trie0.4Trie data structure
undo-tree0.7.4Treat undo history as a tree
uni-confusables0.1Unicode confusables table
uniquify-files1.0.3Completion style for files, minimizing directories
url-http-ntlm2.0.4NTLM authentication for the url library
validate1.0.4Schema validation for Emacs-lisp
vcard0.1Package for handling vCard files
vcl-mode1.1Major mode for Varnish Configuration Language
vdiff0.2.3A diff tool similar to vimdiff
verilog-mode2020.2.23.232634261major mode for editing verilog source in Emacs
vigenere1.0Run a vigenere cipher on a block of text ;
visual-filename-abbrev1.0Visually abbreviate filenames
visual-fill0.1Auto-refill paragraphs without modifying the buffer
vlf1.7.1View Large Files
wcheck-mode2019.6.17General interface for text checkers
wconf0.2.1Minimal window layout manager
web-server0.1.2Emacs Web Server
webfeeder1.0.0Build RSS and Atom webfeeds from HTML files
websocket1.12Emacs WebSocket client and server
which-key3.3.0Display available keybindings in popup
windower0.0.1Helper functions for window manipulation.
windresize0.1Resize windows interactively
wisi3.1.1Utilities for implementing an indentation/navigation engine using a generalized LALR parser
wisitoken-grammar-mode1.1.0Major mode for editing WisiToken grammar files
wpuzzle1.1find as many word in a given time
xclip1.10Copy&paste GUI clipboard from text terminal
xelb0.18X protocol Emacs Lisp Binding
xpm1.0.4edit XPM images
xr1.19Convert string regexp to rx notation
xref1.0.1Cross-referencing commands
yasnippet0.14.0Yet another snippet extension for Emacs
yasnippet-classic-snippets1.0.2"Classic" yasnippet snippets
zones2019.7.13Zones of text - like multiple regions
ztree1.0.5Text mode directory tree